Live Exchange Rates

With Coin Watch, you can track live exchange rates of multiple Crypto-currencies all in a single place.
Coin Watch is powered by a powerfult Cryptocurrency API, which ensures the Price and Market data is up to date​

Coin watch android app home screen Susheel karam
Coin watch Cryptocurrency tracker - Detailed market data charts Susheel karam

Market Data / Charts

Analyze a currency correctly with detailed Market data and Visually appealing charts. Observe price changes over time from 1 day to Yrs with a single tap.

Instant Price Alerts

Isn't it waste of time to constantly checking various Crypto currency prices? No more. Just set a Simple Alert for a Price Drop or Increase and get notified via Push notification. Never miss a Price drop.

Coin watch Cryptocurrency tracker - Price alerts Susheel karam


The App is development and will be launched soon on App store. Please bear with us.