Affo – One-stop Affiliate tool for Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers (Releasing Soon)

Meet Affo - A One-stop Affiliate Link Generator/Manager

With Affo you can seamlessly create unlimited affiliate links for multiple affiliate programs at one place and Access any link you created at later time with the help of Link History.

Link your own account and enjoy unlimited Link-shortening and view analytics under your dashboard.

Create Links with simple share action​

Find products you want to promote in your Favourite Browser or Shopping app and simply share it to Affo app to Create affiliate links in few seconds without any hassle.

Alternatively, you can also paste your Product link in Text field to generate affiliate links at your convinience.

Generate links by Sharing option in Shopping apps and Browser
Link History Affo Android app

Manage Links like Pro​

Forgot to Copy or share the link you just create?

You don't have to go back and generate the link again!

Affo stores every link you have created in a local database.
You can copy/share or delete any link using our link history feature.

Short links with

Look professional with short links. With Affo, you can link your own account and shorten links automatically.
As the links are shortened under your account, you can also view your click analytics under your bitly dashboard.

Auto-fetch Title

Affo automatically fetches Product names for the links you create with the help of web crawling technology. Organise your product links better with product names

Link History

Access any links you have created in past using our Link history.
Easily Copy, Share and Delete links as per your requirement.


Affo app is under final development and will be released soon on Play store.